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September 21, 2013
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NWG: Damon by MissGigglesx3 NWG: Damon by MissGigglesx3
Name: Damon (Also goes by the nickname Blue //WINK WINK))
Gender: Male
Aspect: Disease
Faction: Corporeal
Height: 6 foot 2 // 188 cm
Weight: 210 lbs // 95kg

Powers: -Damon always cautious with the things he touches, especially living things (this is if it’s direct contact with his skin. THIS ALSO MEANS LIPS). A quick touch would leave someone to have a cold, or a slight fever. However, death is a most likely outcome, depending on the size of the person or thing, and how long he’s been holding them. The pathogens the lay about on his skin, passes through another organism’s defensive system, and attacks their cells. His victims either die a slow or quick painful death, having their insides being eaten. This also causes problems for Damon as well, if he uses this power too frequently, the disease would consume him as well.

-He has the ability of self-regeneration. He has the ability of healing himself; it can be from small cuts and wounds to amputations of his arms and legs. However, if he were beheaded he would most likely be dead.

Personality: Damon frets a lot on other’s well beings. Though, he tries his best to isolate himself from others. It’s a kind of back and forth process for him. He wants to help and be useful for others, but he tries to step back and try not to be a burden to anyone. He gets depressed rather easily. Anything that goes wrong he blames it on himself, even if it’s not his fault. You got a papercut? “I’m so sorry” Bird crapped on your arm. “That was my fault. I’ll go leave now.” He lingers in the background quite often, and only speaks when he’s spoken too.

Likes / Dislikes:
+commotion (he’s fine with watching too. The creep)
+herbs/Chinese herbs/herbs/lots of herbs
+tea with honey
+lots of clothes
+the more the merrier (clothes)
-the curse he carries around

Skills: -Damon knows tai chi. It helps him meditate when he is distressed, and perfect for self-defense in case he ever encounters someone who wants to hurt him.

-He’s somewhat knowledgeable out certain herbs, and their healing effects on certain sicknesses (that he may or may not have caused). You have kidney stones? Here drink this. Oh headache, this would be good for you.

-Is able to read lips. this is pretty helpful when Sophia is talking

Weaknesses: -Socializing. Damon’s extremely awkward when people want to be his friend. He tends to always stay 5 feet away from them.
-This so called curse that his power causes. The blackness in his arms aren’t tattoos, it’s the disease attacking his body. If he excessively uses his power, the curse continues to grow. The curse will also continue to grow every 10 years, till he dies. (basically if the disease consumes him whole)
-He refuses to attack women or children.
-If Damon is greatly injured, he will self generate. But in the process he is deadly ill for his body heal itself.
-He keeps thinking of ways to kill himself.

Backstory: Much like the many members of the new world guild, Damon was an orphan. He was taken into a monastery, where he was raised by monks. They taught him how to read and write, and the medical uses of herbs. The monks in the monastery also had taught him tai chi. Teaching him to meditate and have inner peace with himself. As years passed, the monks in the monastery were growing sickly, and slowly died one after another, till Damon was all alone. Damon continued his hermit like life for a few more years, till he adventured out.

He stayed in a homely village, in which they welcomed him. He was appointed as the villager’s doctor, and treated most of the villagers if they were ever sick. Thing was, most of his patients remained ill and did not recover. A disease emerged within the village. Blackness in the tips of fingers, toes, noses, and lips; chills; seizures; high fever; swelling on the sweat glands, and cramps. Basically the black plague. The entire village was completely annihilated from the disease, the only survivor was Damon. The disease continued to carry out onto the next village as well.

And that’s when people began to wonder. They became paranoid, and came up with the conclusion that Damon was the devil. And Damon believed them. He lost faith in the teaching that the monks had taught him and allowed the villagers to torture him, burn him, anything. But he just did not die. They had scheduled him to die from guillotine, but the very few that survived to continue on with the punishment passed away.

When Damon recovered from the punishments, he fled to the forest. Avoiding any contact with humans. Only his well being in the forest affected the animals that lived within it. Massive of animals died, which caused famine in villages that depended on the woods for food. There were also small diseases passed around in the livestock in the animals as well. Smallpox, tapeworm, ringworm, mad cow disease, bird flu.

Damon tried many times to kill himself as well, to stop the misery he was causing others. But again his attempts were futile. He tried drowning himself, only to be saved by a nice couple, and they passed away after saving him. He tried hanging himself, but he woke up on the floor with a sore neck. Slitting his throat, waking up a massive headache and blood on the grass. Many, many attempts and he finally gave up and continued to live as he was.

He covered himself from head to toe. And that plan seemed most effective when he was traveling. Villages he visited continued to live on as he continued to cover every inch of his body. This gave him a small amount of hope. He traveled frequently, helping villages with any illnesses and curing them. He didn’t stay in the same place for too long, afraid that the same thing would only repeat itself.

One day there was a rather aggressive man causing trouble in a village. Damon tried his best to calm down the man, before anything got out of hand. But the situation got worse and the man started to attack Damon, as a reflex and self-defensive mechanism, Damon used his power and tai chi on the guy. He was able to hold the guy down long enough to pass out, and get sick from a cold. Korlovy, who was just passing by the town, witnessed this and kept asking Damon to fight him. Damon kept declining his offers of fighting him. He did not want to harm Korlovy, and he was not causing harm to anyone. Finally Korlovy mentioned a guild that he was in and suggested nagged Damon to join. Finally he gave in and went to new world guild.

Other: -Damon apologizes a lot.

-Damon is vegetarian. He also enjoys tofu.

-Damon does not know why he is 6 foot 2. A lot of people wonder why with all the veggies he eats.

-When the villagers don't know his name, they call him Blue to get his attention. "HEY KID" also works.

-He has grown immune to wearing tons of clothes. So in the hottest weather, he's completely fine.

Quotes: “I’m so sorry.”
“Sophia what did you just say...?""...No! Sophia I will not kill someone for your own benefit!”
“I-I’ll just leave now.”
“Korlovy, please. I do not wish to have a battle with you.” “Even if you stab me with your sword.”
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marcocoa Sep 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
gigs how do you bishie
Laz omfg. :iconblushuplz:
Laz you see
first I open Sai
then I open up a canvas
then I wing it
and then I start crying, delete everything, lie down on the floor and cry some more
and the next thing i know he's just on the screen
marcocoa Sep 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
no laz. it's a true story.
gotta write a book about it one day
marcocoa Sep 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
id buy it
runeun Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

wow this is such a good character design :D i just love his aspect and the backstory that comes with it ^^ it's sad that's true but really well-written! :D
:iconblushuplz: oh gosh thank you so much. 
I had fun creating his backstory
no problem at all ^^
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